PowerPlant Park’s Foundation has committed to voluntarily contributing 5% of its net profits to the City of Richmond’s nonprofit, education, NGO, arts and faith communities. This effort will soon be codified in a Community Benefits Agreement, (CBO) executed with the City. The Program will be monitored by a council that included faith leaders, school & teacher representatives, the arts and local government members. At full capacity the annual contribution is forecast to be approximately $4,400,000. PowerPlant has agreed to establish a fiduciary account with dual signatures required to distribute funds, one from a representative of the counsel, one from the Foundation.

PowerPlant Park management are in the process of developing a “cannabis curriculum” for the training of minority residents. This effort in cooperation with Green Flower Media, (Certifications) and the City of Richmond “Richmond WORKS”. It is well documented that minorities have so far been passed over by the ongoing green rush in the State of California. At full capacity PowerPlant Park will create over 500 full and part time jobs for hourly workers paying at least $25 per hour. The Processing & Manufacturing Center, Nursery, Town Hall, Restaurant and Model Greenhouse, (over 250 workers) will be hired by PowerPlant Park’s Richmond-first hiring practice. PowerPlant will recommend that its tenants and tenant-investors give preference to hiring these highly trained and certified workers, all of which are first screened by the Richmond PD.