Tenant Models


During these challenging times, the cannabis industry in California has seen sales gains unlike any year since legalization. Many craft-growers are deciding to go legal, considering the challenges of conducting business in an increasingly dangerous black-market. With hundreds of thousands of outdoor and hoop-house grown plants taken offline by recent wildfires, many growers and large farms are now deciding to move operations indoors.

Further, many multistate brands are now looking to expand operations and enter the lucrative California market.  These retailers can simply lease space at PowerPlant Park and instantly replicate operations, leveraging state-of-the-art onsite processing, manufacturing and packaging facilities.  The Park also provides statewide retail/wholesale distribution.

Canna-investors will find the Park an easy way to invest at arm’s length with substantial ROI.


Tenant buildings are designed and manufactured by Nexus of Colorado, the premier builder of hybrid indoor mixed-light greenhouses in the US.  The buildings have been significantly upgraded with the most advanced mixed-light technology available.  Internal systems are fully integrated and controlled through a dashboard interface on a phone or tablet, (access from anywhere in the world).

PowerPlant Parks intention is to create a community of like-minded individuals, everyone focused on growing superior craft-cannabis for a vast California marketplace.

Distribution Plan Tenant Models

Hybrid Indoor Mixed-Light Greenhouses

Built and designed by nexus of colorado the premier provider of mixed light greenhouses in the United States.

Greenhouse ownership includes :

  • Structural foundation, complete greenhouse construction
  • Securing Certificate of Occupancy
  • Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing installation
  • Greenhouse interior systems design/integration
  • Supplemental LED lighting provided by Fluence
  • Automated nutrient dozer
  • In-canopy, manifold driven C02 infusion
  • Heating and evaporative cooling systems
  • Trough and gutter irrigation system, rolling benches
  • Automated light-deprivation
  • Air handling and mixing, (in separate work corridor)
  • Pest prevention, odor control, circulation fans
  • Wireless control, from tablet with PowerPlant Park installed dashboard to manage all internal systems, (including control of the light spectrum during bloom cycle)
  • Ubiquitous quantum dots, film that converts sunlight into red-orange spectrum light that plants crave when flowering. The light, (over 50 non-bias studies) increased yields by an average of 16%

Tenant Grower

  • Greenhouse Purchase: $500,000, (12 monthly installments of $41,667)
  • Tenant acquires State License
  • Rental Rate: subject to number of Units purchased Lease of Structural Pad: MG-Modified Gross
  • CAM Fee: $2,500 per month, includes all utilities except power
  • Term: 5-year initial term, with 5 five-year renewal options
  • Security Deposit: equal to 1 months’ rent due upon lease execution
  • Annual Increases: CPI, not to exceed 4% per year after initial term
  • Crop Purchase Agreement: tenant has option to enter into an Agreement whereby PowerPlant Park sells tenant harvest, (all or part) through its statewide wholesale network and retail outlets
  • Sub-leasing: allowed upon PowerPlant Parks approval of subtenant and terms

Tenant Investor

  • Greenhouse Purchase: $500,000; $250,000 upon execution of agreements plus 6 payments of $41,667 months 2-7 during construction
  • PowerPlant Park obtains state license
  • Tenant leases structural pad from PowerPlant Park, PowerPlant Park immediately leases back the pad and building from investor removing any direct involvement in operations by the investor
  • Purchase/30-year lease-back qualifies for a 1031 exchange
  • PowerPlant Park manages all production and wholesale and retail distribution
  • PowerPlant Park pays quarterly rent to tenant-investor under the sublease of the structural pad and greenhouse. Investor receives rent of $125,000 per quarter, (equal to 44% of the projected net revenues)

GreenhousesEnhanced Amenities

As a leader in the horticulture industry for 50 years, Nexus of Colorado has mastered the design and build of hybrid indoor mixed-light technology. Buildings are custom designed based on the project’s geographic location and are fully integrated with all internal systems managed through a dashboard on your tablet or phone.  PowerPlant Park has made significant upgrades to roof panels, feeding management, lighting, environmental control, rolling benches, pest/odor control and more, resulting in a growing environment and approach we believe unrivaled in the State.

Each Unit is home to 1,144 plant-sites producing approximately 1,725 pounds of ultra-premium flower per year. More specifically upgrades and additions were made to the following systems:

  • Polycarbonate glass roof
  • Ubiquitous Quantum Dots, (sunlight enhancement, spectrum optimization) http://www.ubigro.com
  • Greenhouse systems software integration
  • Rolling benches
  • LED lighting, custom bloom-array designed by Fluence
  • Multiple irrigation system options
  • Feeding management
  • Environmental control
  • Reverse osmosis water purification
  • 485 sq. ft. interior work corridor
  • Clean and dirty room, UV light
Nexus of Colorado Monte Fiore