Community Outreach



PowerPlant Park’s Foundation has voluntarily committed to donating 5% of its net profits to the City of Richmond’s nonprofit and NGO community.  This commitment made as part of our Conditional Use Permit. The Program will be monitored by a council that includes faith leaders, teachers from all levels of education and members of local government.  At full capacity the annual contribution is forecast to be approximately $4.4M.

The Program is designed to effect sustainable change in the lives of many individuals in the Richmond community who live each day in unimaginable hardship. Donations will enhance existing Programs in the community that lack adequate funding to make any serious inroads and will be used to hire staff needed to expand operations.

Through our Extreme Need Fund (ENF), payments will be made on behalf of individuals and families who find themselves in hopeless situations.  Dire as they are in normal times, now exacerbated due to the pandemic.   Funding will be directed to the homeless, mental healthcare, purchase of healthy food for the food-insecure, for medications, drug treatment programs, access to local area doctors/dentists, children’s education, vocational training, utility bills, rent, meal delivery and transportation emergencies to name a few.

Extreme Need Fund