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Milestones to Date-2-22-23

PowerPlant Park enters a vast and lucrative California market, facing historically low levels of premium flower. Inventory of turnkey space extremely hard to find, (especially in the San Francisco Bay Area). Thus far the company has over $13M of cash equity in Phase I build, (over 5 years). Funds required to complete requisite plan sets, environmental studies, regulatory compliance and various submissions to the City’s planning department and state agencies. A significant part of the investment was spent on a team of over 40 renowned local area consultants, designers, engineers, and architects.  Phase I is now 58 weeks into construction.

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Richard Trieber

PowerPlant Park

E: M: 415-233-3131

Milestones Completed

  1. PowerPlant Park was unanimously granted its CUP and land use entitlements from Richmond’s Planning Commission on April 20th, 2020. The approval process spanned over 36 months, working closely with City and State officials
  2. PowerPlant Park began construction in November 2020, (interrupted due to Richmond’s Covid’s moratorium on new construction), construction resumed late April of 2021. The Park is now 44 weeks into Phase I construction and are now installing underground utilities, soon foundations poured for Greenhouses
  3. The Park has filed for 22 State Licenses in November of 2021, now in Final Declaration
  4. Phase I of PowerPlant Park is sold out. The Tenant mix in Phase I includes 3 Units sold to seasoned craft-growers, one local brand, (converting their indoor operation) and 14 Units sold under the tenant-investor model. Total of 18, representing $9M in revenues, $6.9M in greenhouse purchase payments have been received
  5. Grand Opening of Phase I is scheduled for late June 2023 
  6. The company has funded operations thus far from a combination of its founders, greenhouse purchases and 2 real estate investors
  7. $7,000,000 of investment has come from Doommas LLC, including purchase of 7 greenhouses, personal guarantee of GC construction contract, (Overaa) and $1.5M cash investment from 2017-2020, (interest free)
  8. PowerPlant Park has concluded operations of one-year delivery pilot in Marin & Sonoma counties. The pilot exceeded the sales projections by 40% and achieved number one rating for all metrics on WeedMaps with over 350 5-star reviews
  9. PowerPlant Park has signed an LOI for a 30-store pilot, where it will install specially designed kiosks showcasing only PowerPlant Park brands. The kiosks located in existing prominent storefront locations in northern California
  10. The Park has developed a “retail garage” storefront model where customers can drive through a pickup their purchase of the freshest product in the state without getting out of the car. Orders sent and paid for through PowerPlant Park’s phone app. Customer transactions are completed in 8 seconds. We are proposing 4 locations in Richmond including one on-site

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