PowerPlant Park

A Master Planned Agricultural Community & Campus

  • Turnkey Opportunity
  • State-of-the-Art Amenities
  • 18.8 Acre Campus
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Welcome to PowerPlant Park

A Master Planned Agricultural Community & Campus

  • 44 Tier 2 Mixed Light Indoor Greenhouses
  • Zero-GeN Tissue Culture Genetics
  • State-of-the-art Propagation
  • Exclusive Cultivars-from CA’s top breeders
  • Medical Grade Post-Harvest Processing
  • Retail Delivery/Storefront
  • Manufacturing, Extraction, Edibles Kitchen
  • Statewide Bulk Distribution
  • Compliant Packaging/Fulfillment
  • Waterfront Restaurant

Situated on 2,200 ft. of Richmond’s North Shoreline

The campus offers 44 Tier 2 indoor mixed-light greenhouses. Each one painstakingly enhanced with over $250K of system upgrades and amenities. The very latest in Tier 2 mixed light technology. Vertically integrated land-use entitlements; 11 corresponding license types. Phase I construction is now in its 58th week, the Park expects to be operational by late December. Each Unit is built to the Park’s stringent SOP’s and includes 1,144 plant-sites producing approx. 2,000 lbs. of ultra-premium flower annually. PowerPlant Park provides the only true turnkey tenancy/ownership model in the State, an affordable path towards income, a perfect fit for all types of cannabis investors, state brands, and cultivators alike.

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PowerPlant Park – Project Site

Located in Contra Costa County, the Park is situated on Richmond’s North Shoreline, with stunning unobstructed views of Mt. Tamalpias, San Francisco Bay and Marin County Mountains

Property Highlights – Park Amenities

  • 18.8-acre waterfront campus located on 2,200 ft. San Francisco Bay
  • 44 Tier 2 indoor mixed-light greenhouses-$250K in enhancements
  • 1,144 plant-sites per Unit-2000 lbs. of ultra-premium flower per year
  • Annual wholesale crop value of $3.6M; retail value $14M
  • Medical grade post-harvest processing
  • 0-GeN tissue culture genetics in partnership w/Phinest Cannabis
  • Exclusive genetics from California’s top breeders
  • Model greenhouse, (testing new technologies)
  • Offsite extraction lab, hydrocarbon & cold ethanol
  • Onsite manufacturing, distillation suite, edibles kitchen
  • Onsite preroll lab-Holy Roller-3,600 per hour (w/infusion)
  • Compliant packaging, fulfillment, and branding services
  • Waterfront Restaurant
  • San Francisco Bay Trail access
  • Statewide wholesale distribution, (presold contracts)
  • 9 Bay Area County/50 driver Delivery-retail “Garages”-in-Storefront kiosks
  • Solar powered by Q-4, 2023, (off grid by Q-2 2024)

Approved Site Plan