Energy Plan

Despite PowerPlant Park’s plan to power the site off-grid, the Park will grid-tie to PG&E for the Phase I site. The Park has hired an energy consultant to expedite the process with PG&E. They have informed us that if we perform all site work that PG&E can connect us in under months. This timeline aligns with our Phase I construction schedule. There is a 12-megawatt PG&E pole on the north west corner of the site.

GreenGreen New Deal

PowerPlant Park will soon launch,, with the goal of developing a model for sustainability through cannabis, sustainable energy, sustainable employment, and sustainability of the local community. The GreenGreen New Deal being cannabis, “green”, “green energy” through solar power and green money, donated through the Park’s foundation. These donations distributed to nonprofits in the City of Richmond and surrounding communities, including churches, schools, and NGO’s. These organizations in desperate need of funding, never more prevalent due to the pandemic. Funds will used for a Covid extreme need fund and to hire staff to continue and increase their capacity, helping the most vulnerable members of the community.

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