Energy Plan

PowerPlant Park has designed a solar grid to be installed in Phase I, including rooftop, carports, and ground mounted arrays. The system will feed approximately 700kw per year into the grid, allowing the Park to have a negative carbon footprint. The company is also negotiating with the owner of the bordering solar farm to harness the 2-megawatts that would provide green energy to the entire Park, (eventually off-grid using Tesla battery storage). Most importantly this effort on the part of PowerPlant Park will be a significant amenity and financial benefit to our grower community, reducing energy costs by 50%, (an advantage our competitors cannot offer).

GreenGreen New Deal

PowerPlant Park will soon launch,, with the goal of developing a model for sustainability through cannabis, sustainable energy, sustainable employment, and sustainability of the local community. The GreenGreen New Deal being cannabis, “green”, “green energy” through solar power and green money, donated through the Park’s foundation.  These donations distributed to nonprofits in the City of Richmond and surrounding communities, including churches, schools, and NGO’s. These organizations in desperate need of funding, never more prevalent due to the pandemic.  Funds will used for a Covid extreme need fund and to hire staff to continue and increase their capacity, helping the most vulnerable members of the community.

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