Greenhouse Sales

Project Advantages  

PowerPlant Park is the first project of its kind in the State of California. The City of Richmond has issued the Park 44 individual addresses; legal addresses required to secure 22 state licenses for Phase I. Greenhouse ownership at PowerPlant Park eliminates the 2+ year wait and extraordinary expense to acquire requisite city permits and state licenses with no guarantee of regulatory success. Considering the low cost of entry, best-in-class amenities, turnkey ownership opportunities at the Park are without equal.

Through an exclusive agreement with Phinest Cannabis PowerPlant Park will have some of the best genetics in the State, including exclusive strains. Genetics are started in a $12M 0-GeN tissue culture lab and propagated in a 25,000 sq. ft. Tier 2 indoor mixed light “teening” facility, (delivered flip-ready). The Park’s onsite manufacturing facilities offer the latest hydrocarbon and medical grade cold ethanol extraction. On-site facilities include state-of-the-art post-harvest processing, manufacturing, kitchen, packaging, and branding/fulfillment services. The Park’s statewide distribution network of wholesale buyers including presold contracts to California’s top brands. This plan for just our first couple harvests, until retail operations begin in Q-2 2023. These statewide brands that have retail distribution but no cultivation. The Park’s “our farm to your front door” retail model will eventually account for 80% of the Park’s distribution, including a 50-driver delivery service, (pilot completed), retail Kiosks in existing high-profile storefronts and “Garage” locations alongside major Bay Area freeways w/billboard support.

Each Tier-2 indoor mixed-light greenhouse has been enhanced to meet the Park’s stringent SOP’s/QC’s. The flower zone includes 1,144 plant-sites producing over 2,000 lbs. of ultra-premium flower annually. Custom arrays are designed to be spectrum targeted throughout the bloom cycle to maximize desired effects, including terpene/trichrome production, THC/CBD levels and overall cannabinoid profile. Today’s market value for 4,000 sq. ft. of operational/licensed indoor or Tier 2 mixed-light space in the SF Bay Area is $4-$6M, (if one can find it).

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to approximately 7.5 million residents and is ranked the #1 market in California for retail sales and cannabis connoisseurs. PowerPlant Park provides the only true turnkey tenancy/ownership model in the State, an affordable path towards income, a perfect fit for all types of cannabis investors, retail brands, MSOs, and cultivators alike.


For more information please contact 415-233-3131

Power Plant Park – CBS San Francisco

‘PowerPlant Park’ Could Make Richmond The Cannabis Capital Of Contra Costa County. The city of Richmond could see hundreds of new jobs and millions of dollars for the City…

Greenhouse Buyers:

Please follow the steps below if there is interest in purchasing a Greenhouse at PowerPlant Park

Step 2: PowerPlant Park will schedule PowerPoint presentation over zoom with our broker WeCann-Premier Listing- PowerPlant Park–18-acre Campus on Richmond’s Waterfront. The presentation is one hour and includes live video of site construction.

Note: After zoom presentation prospective buyer is sent password to PowerPoint Presentation, Project Updates #20/21 and abridged version of PowerPlant Park’s Project Manual.

Step 2: Documentation

Step 3: If there is interest after zoom presentation, prospective buyer completes Application, Questionnaire and provides proof of funds, click here

Note: If approved, prospective buyer will receive password to Offering Memorandum, full version of Project Manual and Project Manual Appendices A & B. References from existing Greenhouse owners available upon request.

Step 3: Documentation

Step 4: If interest persists, an in-person presentation is scheduled at Park’s Point Richmond offices and includes a site visit.

Step 5: If Greenhouse purchase is made Buyer receives password to 144-page Owner’s Manual, Permit Set of Construction Drawings, and approved DRB and Architectural Plan Sets.

Step 5: Documentation

Property Highlights – Park Amenities

  • 18.8-acre waterfront campus located on 2,200 ft. San Francisco Bay
  • 44 Tier 2 indoor mixed-light greenhouses-$250K in enhancements
  • 1,144 plant-sites per Unit-2000 lbs. of ultra-premium flower per year
  • Annual wholesale crop value of $3.6M; retail value $14M
  • Medical grade post-harvest processing
  • 0-GeN tissue culture genetics in partnership w/Phinest Cannabis
  • Exclusive genetics from California’s top breeders
  • Model greenhouse, (testing new technologies)
  • Offsite extraction lab, hydrocarbon & cold ethanol
  • Onsite manufacturing, distillation suite, edibles kitchen
  • Onsite preroll lab-Holy Roller-3,600 per hour (w/infusion)
  • Compliant packaging, fulfillment, and branding services
  • Waterfront Restaurant
  • San Francisco Bay Trail access
  • Statewide wholesale distribution, (presold contracts)
  • 9 Bay Area County/50 driver Delivery-retail “Garages”-in-Storefront kiosks
  • Solar powered by Q-4, 2023, (off grid by Q-2 2024)